Thursday, February 11, 2010

Benjamin Bailey and descendants

I thought it might be easier to read the names of the children of Benjamin Bailey and Sarah Patterson so I will add them again. With regards to their first child William, it was long thought that this was possibly the name of Benjamin's father. It has been discovered that Sarah's father Captain Peter Patterson's first name is William. That is not to say that William couldn't be the name of Benjamin's father, it just adds more mystery to the whole question. I will also add that Benjamin's father was supposed to have been a captain and a master mariner. From another family line we discovered a "captain" was actually a fireman, so it always leaves the possibility of errors in family stories.
Sarah only had one brother named William and her parents were William Peter Patterson & Margaret Skinner. So, there is a possibility of Susan or Adelaide being in the Bailey line, where the Steinberg came from is a complete mystery! As for Hallett ..... I have seen that name in MA & ME.

1. stillborn twin Bailey
2. stillborn twin Bailey
3. Susan Adelaide Steinberg Bailey
4. William Benjamin Valentine Bailey
5. Sarah Jane Yale Bailey
6. Margaret Elizabeth Bailey
7. Helen Louise Bailey
8. George Nelson Bailey
9. Charles Edward Patterson Bailey
10 Alexander Hallett Bailey
11. Amy Agnes Bailey
12. Marcus Bailey
13. Arthur Tennyson Bailey
14. David Bertram Bailey
15. Hubert Percival Hans Bailey

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