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Marriage June 26, 1855

At San Francisco, June 26th, Mr Benjamin Bailey, of Boston, to Miss Sarah M., daughter of Capt. P. Paterson, of Hobart Town.

1852 State Census

California State Census 1852, pg 162
Bailey, Benj, 28 Massachusetts, Residence: Boston


Unite Staes of America.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. County of Suffolk, City of Boston,

On the seventh day of February AD 1849 before me, Charles B. F. Adams, a Notary Public, duly commissioned and sworn, in and for said County and City personally appeared Benjamin Bailey and declared that he was born in Portland in the State of Maine and that his age is twenty two, years, height five, feet, 6 6/8 inches, forehead high, eyes light blue, nose roman, mouth medium, chin large, hair brown, complexion light, face medium.

Also appeared before me, Joseph Hartwell and declared that the above described Benjamin Bailey is a native citizen of the United States.

In Witness Whereof, I have subscribed my name, and affixed my seal of office, the day and year above written. Charles Adams Notary Public.

Benjamin Bailey passenger list

Benjamin Bailey lists himself as a Clerk, age 23, Residence Boston, Mass.

Benjamin Bailey Log Title page

Benjamin Bailey kept a log of his journey from Boston to San Francisco. The log is held at the Mystic Seaport Museum Inc, Connecticut. It is available online for viewing at

Sarah Margaret Patterson Photo

Sarah Margaret Patterson circa late 1870's - early 1880's

Benjamin Bailey Photo

Benjamin Bailey circa late 1870's - early 1880's