Thursday, February 11, 2010

Benjamin Bailey and descendants

I thought it might be easier to read the names of the children of Benjamin Bailey and Sarah Patterson so I will add them again. With regards to their first child William, it was long thought that this was possibly the name of Benjamin's father. It has been discovered that Sarah's father Captain Peter Patterson's first name is William. That is not to say that William couldn't be the name of Benjamin's father, it just adds more mystery to the whole question. I will also add that Benjamin's father was supposed to have been a captain and a master mariner. From another family line we discovered a "captain" was actually a fireman, so it always leaves the possibility of errors in family stories.
Sarah only had one brother named William and her parents were William Peter Patterson & Margaret Skinner. So, there is a possibility of Susan or Adelaide being in the Bailey line, where the Steinberg came from is a complete mystery! As for Hallett ..... I have seen that name in MA & ME.

1. stillborn twin Bailey
2. stillborn twin Bailey
3. Susan Adelaide Steinberg Bailey
4. William Benjamin Valentine Bailey
5. Sarah Jane Yale Bailey
6. Margaret Elizabeth Bailey
7. Helen Louise Bailey
8. George Nelson Bailey
9. Charles Edward Patterson Bailey
10 Alexander Hallett Bailey
11. Amy Agnes Bailey
12. Marcus Bailey
13. Arthur Tennyson Bailey
14. David Bertram Bailey
15. Hubert Percival Hans Bailey

Benjamin's Birth Update

My mother recently found Benjamin's birth as Portland, Maine. He applied for a passport Feb 27, 1849 just days before leaving for California. There is a full description of him as well. It states his age is twenty-two, height five feet 6 6/8 inches, forehead high, eyes light blue, nose roman, mouth medium, chin large, hair brown, complexion light, face medium.
A Joseph Hartwell signed the passport declaring Benjamin to be a native citizen of the United States.

I will work on uploading some photos to correspond with Benjamin's information. Who knows maybe someone will say .... hey he looks like great grandfather ..... Bailey!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Benjamin Bailey Timeline

1827 Benjamin Bailey born June 5, 1827 Boston, MA
supporting documents - Western Canadians 1600-1900 - BC81-FN269
- BC Death Registration - d age 70 y 9 mos (March 23, 1898)
- Obituary, Victoria Daily Colonist (Thurs March 24, 1898 pg 3)
- Scholefields "Sixty Years of Progress"
- Canadian Census 1881, age 53
- Canadian Census 1891, age 64
disputing documents - State Census - 1852, California, pg 162 age 28
- "Sweden" Journal, March 1849, age 23

1849 March 1 to August 3 Benjamin Bailey travelled from Boston to San Francisco aboard the ship "Sweden" He kept a hand written log - original 64 pages held v by the Mystic Seaport Museum Inc, Mystic Seaport, Connecticut.

1852 California State Census, pg 162
Bailey, Benj, 28 Massachusetts, Residence: Boston

1855 June 26, Benjamin Bailey marries Sarah Margaret Patterson in San Francisco, CA, USA daughter of Captain (William) Peter Patterson & Margaret Skinner. Ceremony performed by Bishop Kipp, First Episcopalian bishop of California.
Boston Newspaper - marriage announcement

1856 California, USA, Still born twins born to Benjamin Bailey & Sarah Patterson.

1857 December 11, San Francisco, CA, USA a daughter born to Benjamin Bailey & Sarah Patterson, Susan Adelaide Steinberg Bailey.

1858 San Francisco Directory (From the Society of California Pioneers)
Bailey & Murphy Saloon, located at 110 Washington St
Boarding at SE corner of Kearny & Union Streets
Benjamin Bailey leaves (about July) headed for the goldfields of the Fraser Canyon. Shortly after opens a store on Front Street in Yale, BC in partnership with John Alway. Sarah is told Benjamin is killed in Indian uprising (mid August) but she receives word he is safe. Western Canadians 1600 - 1900; Benjamin Bailey living inn 1858 in Yale (BC3-1)

1859 February 14 - a son, William Benjamin Valentine Bailey, San Francisco, CA
(From the Society of California Pioneers) info collected in 1858,
Benjamin Bailey, miner, 5 Albion Place

1860 April 17, Victoria Daily Colonist, Per steamer Brother Jonathan, from San Francisco Mrs
Bailey and two children. Sarah stayed in Esquimalt for a few days at the Colonial Hotel then sailed to New Westminster where she boarded a steamer for Hope where she was met by
Benjamin and they travelled from there to Yale by Indian canoe.

1861 September 11, Yale, BC - a daughter born, Sarah Jane Yale Bailey

1864 June 4, Yale, BC - a daughter Margaret Elizabeth Bailey

1866 May 21, Benjamin tendering service as auctioneer.
December 5, Yale, BC - a daughter Helen Louise Bailey

1868 October 28, Benjamin Bailey & John Alway business dissolved.

1869 June 4, Yale, BC - a son George Nelson Bailey

1871 March 9, Yale, BC - a son Charles Edward Patterson Bailey

1873 October 13, Yale, BC - a son Alexander Hallett Bailey

1874 Benjamin co-owner of Bailey & Lawrence, Merchants & Forwarders

1875 August 4, Yale, BC - a daughter Amy Agnes Bailey

1877 August 1, Yale, BC - a son Marcus Bailey
October 4, Victoria Daily Colonist, Benjamin Bailey invention

1879 June 18, Yale, BC - a son Arthur Tennyson Bailey
June 18, Yale, BC - a son David Bertram Bailey
June 18, Yale, BC - all flags hoisted in Yale in honour of twins born
July 31, Yale, BC - a son David Bertram Bailey dies

1881 Canadian Census, Bailey, Benj. age 53, Yale District (& lists family)

1882 Baileys move to Victoria
Victoria Directory, Bailey Mrs B, widow, North Park between Quadra & Cook
(Sarah temporarily kicks Benjamin out due to drinking)

1886 December 29, Victoria, BC - Sarah Jane Yale marries John Pope Burgess

1887 Victoria City Directory, Bailey, Benjamin, CPR Contractor, residence Quadra St.
Yale Directory, son, W B V Bailey, trader, Spences Bridge
Liquor Traffic Petition, Victoria, BC - Bailey, Mrs (signs)
Victoria Directory, IOGT Perserverance Lodge No 1, Miss A S Bailey

1888 August 27, Helen Louise Bailey marries Joseph William Sinclair

1889 January 6, William Benjamin Valentine Bailey marries Marie Mathilde Hautier
May 9, Sarah Jane Yale Burgess dies two weeks after giving birth to her second child

1891 Canadian Census, Victoria, BC - Bailey, Benjamin Sanitary Officer, Residence: Pandora Hill

1896 May 26, Point Ellice Bridge Disaster, Benjamin Bailey survives and helps in rescue

1898 March 23, Benjamin Bailey dies
Supporting documents; Death Registration, Death Certificate, Victoria Daily Colonist Obituary, Ross Bay Cemetery

Happy Groundhog Day!

This blog is dedicated to my great, great grandfather Benjamin Bailey. I will slowly add all the information I have regarding his life in the hopes that some ancestor will make a connection and break down this genealogical brick wall. I have no information on Benjamin's parents or siblings. My mother has been researching Benjamin for about 40 years and there still remains unanswered questions regarding his parentage. My cousin Howard agreed to participate in DNA testing in order to discover more about the Bailey heritage. The results show that Benjamin is a descendant of William Bailey, born 1535 in Bromham, Wiltshire, England. Now the task of trying to fill in the missing gaps and determine which line of Baileys we descend from. The great grandson Joel Bailey who emigrated to Pennsylvania or the grandson John who emigrated to New England?